DCG-SMS was formed in September 2012 when the David Consulting Group (founded 1994) acquired the assets of the SMS Exemplar Group (founded 1994), creating the largest independent specialist in software measurement and process management.

DCG-SMS brings both independence and unsurpassed specialist expertise to the management of applications development and maintenance (ADM).  Our clients determine the length and focus of an engagement based on incremental delivery so that we always give the optimum value for money. 

Our Solutions and Services are designed to drive measurable business impacts through software optimization. We work with clients and outsourced partnerships to optimise the end-to-end ADM processes. 

DCG-SMS clients span industries, regions and size, including the public sector and FTSE100 companies. Large enterprises, growing mid-cap companies and emerging technology leaders all rely on our expertise in helping them optimize their software production.

DCG-SMS provides professional, objective, independent know-how for clients who design, develop and maintain feature and function-rich software for internal use or for commercial sale. Information Systems are the critical hub of modern business operations, and to remain competitive, our clients require continuous improvements in software productivity through all phases of the development lifecycle, from requirements, to design, to build, to test, to post-production maintenance. Optimization of the development lifecycle, and all of the pieces and parts involved, to provide business value and competitive advantage, continues to be the measure of our clients’ successes.

Learn more about DCG-SMS Solutions and Services. Download a DCG-SMS overview document for more information.

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